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[Wed, 30th 2020 | 1.11 in the am]

credit to thatimayloveyou
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[Tue, 11th 2007 | 10.32 in the pm]
guys, new journal


add if you please :]
thought i'd start fresh.
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[Tue, 11th 2007 | 7.23 in the pm]
The Dykeenies - Symptoms

can anyone convert this to mp3? please? i'll owe you forever. i've tried a million and one programs and they're all being utter pricks to me today. love you
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[Sun, 12th 2007 | 3.12 in the am]
so...i got bored. and i decided to make a whole of ONE icon. yes, one.

oor patty in the burberry campaign with agyness deyn. i was going to make one with patrick and ed larrikin too but i couldn't get a good enough quality photo for close ups etc.

eat your heart out lagerfeld.
that is all.
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meme [Sat, 11th 2007 | 12.21 in the am]
i know this is barely even paying lip service to making a post but quite frankly, deal with ittt.

We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious.

Not in a bad way, but in a 'Wow! I wish I had that person's hair/eyes/money/relationship/toenails/whatever.'

So tell me what about me makes you envy me... then post this in your LJ and see what makes me envious of you.

oh and ZOMG: dykeenies 27th September @ QMU
hope to god i can go to aberdeen the next day too *crosses fingers*
i'll have to miss out on jack penate but when it comes to the dykeenies, like i give a fuck.
utter lolz at the stoke date. nobody wants to be raped by a guy from crewe.

ps exam results were shite. ach well, i'll live another day...
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colorquiz.com [Sun, 22nd 2007 | 4.40 in the pm]
scarily accurate

jemma's Existing Situation

Seeks to express the need for identification in a sensitive and intimate atmosphere where esthetic or emotional delicacy can be protected and nurtured.

jemma's Stress Sources

The existing situation is disagreeable. Has an unsatisfied need to ally herself with others whose standards are as high as her own, and to stand out from the rank and file. Her control of her sensual instincts restricts her ability to give herself, but the resulting isolation leads to the urge to surrender and allow herself to merge with another. This disturbs her. as such instincts are regarded as weaknesses to be overcome; she feels that only by continued self-restraint can she hope to maintain her attitude of individual superiority. Wants to be loved or admired for herself alone; needs attention, recognition, and the esteem of others.

jemma's Restrained Characteristics

Wants to broaden her fields of activity and insists that her hopes and ideas are realistic. Distressed by the fear that she may be prevented from doing what she wants; needs both peaceful conditions and quiet reassurance to restore her confidence.

Feels that things stand in her way, that circumstances are forcing her to compromise and forgo some pleasures for the time being.

jemma's Desired Objective

Wants to make a favorable impression and be recognized. Needs to feel appreciated and admired. Sensitive and easily hurt if no notice is taken of her or if she is not given adequate acknowledgment.

jemma's Actual Problem

Needs to be valued and respected as an exceptional individual, in order to increase her self-esteem and her feeling of personal worth. Resists mediocrity and sets herself high standards.

jemma's Actual Problem #2

Afraid that she may be prevented from achieving the things she wants and therefore demands that others should recognize her right to them.
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HELP! [Fri, 12th 2007 | 4.02 in the pm]
does anybody know how to take songs off myspace music pages? :S
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[Mon, 1st 2007 | 12.29 in the pm]
i wanted to do one last thing in ode of 06, the most wonderful and most terrible year there ever was.

where did the time go........................Collapse )

when you look at it like this, the year hasn't actually been as dull as i thought it had :]
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[Sat, 9th 2006 | 8.45 in the pm]
DPT last niiiiiiiiight XDXDXD feels like i've been waiting forever for that gig man. i remember the sheer desperation of march and how my whole life was at a loss for not seeing them and babyshambles. and now this weekend i'm seeing them both :] class.
On and on and on and on and on and on Like you even know what's going onCollapse )
anyway. good night. despite bruising XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

oh and today i found out that the maccabees are supporting jamie t in january so all of my gutted-ness about them playing 18+ venues/touring in the prelims was unneccesary XDXDXDXD yassssss in there.
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[Sun, 19th 2006 | 12.09 in the am]
brutal honesty meme

even if we haven't known each other for that long, go for it. i dunno, should be interesting. be as nice or as harsh as you want. remember,HONESTY. if i'm a bitch tell me i'm a bitch

ps: me and windedwings...so going to CBEEBIES live in january :P
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[Mon, 6th 2006 | 8.32 in the pm]
not a proper update but i made a few icon/bases of the dykeenies
Read more...Collapse )
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you were always worth the wait though i guess.... [Fri, 27th 2006 | 9.19 in the pm]
I met all of We Are Scientists yesterday. Like 5 times

"so...what kind of music are you into at the minute then?"
Michael:"I'm getting into quite a lot of metal bands at the minute"
Who knew metal translated to Boyz II Men...

And yes that's us and the Tapper walking down Jamaica street (together!!!!) and yes, it was indeed THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (again)
this took me HOURS to type up. Ladies and gents...my old favourite band are now my favourite band againCollapse )

If anybody has mp3s of the phil collins cover or the boys II men cover PLEASE upload them for me? Oh and the new tracks because i've been a bit behind on the forum/comm. postings lately so i don't have any of that stuff.

some more random photos that i couldnt fit in the above rantCollapse )
got the other photos now:

i don't look like such a vag in the one with michael
no way was i putting those under the cut

ps - Michael has tried irn bru but was practically opinionless other than the startling insight that it is, indeed, very brightly coloured. :] He did appreciate us telling him how it lowered the sperm count though...
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Sold my crotch for a doller and a short [Sat, 23rd 2006 | 9.25 in the pm]
Went to see the Larrikin on thursday at oran mor in Glasgow!!

was pretty bloody good (with photos)Collapse )

Other than some guys singing on the subway and some funny drunk guys on the train there's not a lot more to tell so i'll leave it there.

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[Tue, 29th 2006 | 10.47 in the pm]
oh look! jemma is pretending she's making a post until she can update in computing tomorrow.

oh the woe...Collapse )
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[Tue, 8th 2006 | 12.07 in the pm]
woke up this morning from loads of texts coming in at like 9. had to wait until 11.15 for....


was scared shitless. was rather funny though that i was so sure i'd get a one in english and i didn't...oh well. it was a crap essay anyway

music - B
art - 1
chemistry - 1
computing - 1
french - 1
maths - 1 (wtf?since when....)
modern studies - 1
english - 2

very odd. very, very, very odd!!!
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[Wed, 2nd 2006 | 7.32 in the pm]

for thuh banter please?

if you've done one and i havnae seen it give me a link!!

man i'm bored :|
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[Wed, 2nd 2006 | 1.05 in the am]

totally can't believe i just quit my job.

i was scared shitless.

I DID IT!!!!!! I'M A TEENAGER AGAIN! (well as of this sunday).

man, that's a big thing for me...
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wow [Tue, 25th 2006 | 2.35 in the pm]
so, apparently, ME AND stickyhips___ ARE ON ANNA MCCARTHY'S (Nick McCarthy's sister) WEBSITE!!!!

photo here, how very undercover stalkerish of herCollapse )

hopefully getting the link when Kat gets online...

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[Fri, 7th 2006 | 1.25 in the am]
where has jemma been for the last month? fuck if i know. you'll hear about that soon enough. for the time being, the below is more important...

oh fuck this shit! i'm never fucking watching doctor shite-face who again!
Plus, don't know if anybody noticed but THEY KILLED HER CHARACTER OFF! a handless mobile thing ripped her fucking brains out!!!!

Actress Freema Agyeman has been announced as the new Doctor's companion! She has already been seen in the episode Army Of Ghosts as Adeola, but she will be playing a new character called Martha.
She will join the series to be shown next year. Filming will start later this summer.
Executive producer/writer Russell T Davies says: "The search for a new companion had been underway for some time when I first saw Freema Agyeman, she had come in to audition for the part of Adeola in series two."Watching her during filming confirmed what an exciting new talent she was, so under cover of darkness we called her back in to audition with David for the role of the new companion.
"It was an immediate and sensational combination, and her range, presence and charm blew us all away. "David and Freema are terrific together, and we're delighted to have chosen her to join the Doctor for more adventures in time and space. "The first scripts have been written, and Martha's a brilliant addition to the Tardis crew, the perfect foil for the Doctor.
"Martha won't be featured in this year's Christmas special; we've got another surprise in store for that."
Freema Agyeman says: "I've been keeping this secret from my friends for months - it's been driving me mad!
"Auditioning with David in secret down in Cardiff was unbelievable, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd actually become the new companion.
"Billie rightfully built up an amazing fan base and she will be missed, but I hope the fans are willing to go on new adventures with me. "It still hasn't quite sunk in, I'm sure it will slam home first day on set when I'm stood gazing at David Tennant!"
David Tennant adds: "Freema was a joy to work with in episode 12 of the current series. She is not only very talented and very beautiful, she's great fun and I'm delighted she's coming on board the TARDIS full time.
"I can't wait to welcome her into the Who family."

how about no
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[Wed, 7th 2006 | 8.33 in the pm]
My letter got printed in NME today (as did Kat's).

hereCollapse )

NME are turning into such a bunch of dicks. It was as though they were trying to make us look like dicks - we were just heartbroken ffs. Not that we really expected any sympathy or even understanding. At least plenty of sensible NME readers will read it and understand.

Lolling at the fact she said 'duh' though. She probably could have succeeded in making us look like idiots if she hadn't said that.
I'm going to try and send in my photos again next week.

Cant believe they missed the bit where Kat said that the dicks at Babyshambles could suck her cock! That was funny as.
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