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where has jemma been for the last month? fuck if i know. you'll hear about that soon enough. for the time being, the below is more important...

oh fuck this shit! i'm never fucking watching doctor shite-face who again!
Plus, don't know if anybody noticed but THEY KILLED HER CHARACTER OFF! a handless mobile thing ripped her fucking brains out!!!!

Actress Freema Agyeman has been announced as the new Doctor's companion! She has already been seen in the episode Army Of Ghosts as Adeola, but she will be playing a new character called Martha.
She will join the series to be shown next year. Filming will start later this summer.
Executive producer/writer Russell T Davies says: "The search for a new companion had been underway for some time when I first saw Freema Agyeman, she had come in to audition for the part of Adeola in series two."Watching her during filming confirmed what an exciting new talent she was, so under cover of darkness we called her back in to audition with David for the role of the new companion.
"It was an immediate and sensational combination, and her range, presence and charm blew us all away. "David and Freema are terrific together, and we're delighted to have chosen her to join the Doctor for more adventures in time and space. "The first scripts have been written, and Martha's a brilliant addition to the Tardis crew, the perfect foil for the Doctor.
"Martha won't be featured in this year's Christmas special; we've got another surprise in store for that."
Freema Agyeman says: "I've been keeping this secret from my friends for months - it's been driving me mad!
"Auditioning with David in secret down in Cardiff was unbelievable, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd actually become the new companion.
"Billie rightfully built up an amazing fan base and she will be missed, but I hope the fans are willing to go on new adventures with me. "It still hasn't quite sunk in, I'm sure it will slam home first day on set when I'm stood gazing at David Tennant!"
David Tennant adds: "Freema was a joy to work with in episode 12 of the current series. She is not only very talented and very beautiful, she's great fun and I'm delighted she's coming on board the TARDIS full time.
"I can't wait to welcome her into the Who family."

how about no
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