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Sold my crotch for a doller and a short

Went to see the Larrikin on thursday at oran mor in Glasgow!!

had a bit of a panic because i had a ticket left but good old Mylesy bought it so all was good on that front.
Me, Myles and Monique all had 6th period off so we persuaded Sara to skive under the pretence that we would get up to glasgow early and muck about and maybe meet them. I guess nobody really thought about the fact that we would have 4 HOURS to wait :S ouch.

We got into the west end and were walking up Byres Road when Monique got yanked back. We turned around to see Sophie's big sister which was quite funny. We went and bought name tags from woolworths (which we planned to give to loads of randoms but kinda forgot) and then i showed them Oran Mor.

We went and got crepes and made utter fools of ourselves walking around the botanic gardens with nutella all over our faces. Monique tried to wash her hands in a puddle and Myles wanted to follow some jogger in skimpy lycra. Bunch of weirdos.

Sat by the big wooden doors on great western road for ages just chatting and people watching and generally freaking people out.

We wandered down the steps to see the big doors saying 'The Venue' on them and danced about on the steps for ages until we realised there was cctv. I noticed that the door was half open and yanked it. God knows why but we all ran away!! we should have just waltzed in :( damn.

Myles went to the toilet and came back and i don't know what he said but we went around the other side anyway only for me to take a mini spaz attack when i saw micko coz and alfie.

crap quality because i zoomed a bit.
took a sly wee photo. didnt go and meet them because they we're just having a smoke and apparently them not being big justifies not getting a photo! pssssht Myles.

Went back and queued for ages and eventually some people started turning up. at doors opening there was like 20 people there but loads turned up after.

We must have looked like such noobs because obviously we went straight to the barriers while everyone else headed for the bar. oh well. we were like an arms breadth away from them so it was well worth it.

Had some fun with our stickers and stuff and then i had a heart attack for some reason when micko and coz walked across the dance floor. I couldnt spot Ed anywhere! was rather worried :(

The Alterkicks went on (who i had assumed were crap because the girl asking people to sign up for the mailing list outside had a clip board with my chemical romance stickers and stuff on it).They were actually really good!! and a couple of them were rather nice looking so me sara and monique certainly enjoyed ourselves.
During the alterkicks set i saw micko dancing on the side of the stage and i started to dance and he smiled at me and then ED!! appeared and he smiled at me too and i waved and oh how my little heart melted.

I think it was between bands but some girls behind us started talking to Myles and then one of them turned to me and goes 'omg i know your face from somewhere!!' and stuff like that. It was rather scary and despite what sara and myles said IT WAS NOT FROM MYSPACE. worrying.

Once the stage had all been set up and stuff these green flashing strobe lights came on and set you free by n-trance started playing. It was so good and i went mental. That was when larrikin ran up on stage. I was dancing and being crushed and stuff but it was amazing. Which i keep saying but i cant help it - i enjoyed myself.

So basically i sang along and danced right the way through the set and made eye contact at every opportunity i could get.

Meet me by the getaway car came on and not many people seemed to know it but me and sara sang/shouted 'SEND MY LOVE TO THE CITY CAUSE I'LL BE HAVING AND AFFAIR THIS SUMMAAAA' in our best Lahndahn accent and ed looked over and laughed at us!! YAS! that pretty much made my life.

I think maybe the crowd enjoyed the line 'england has nothing more to offer me' a bit too much and i think they realised it

Micko was loving it as well because we were pimp dancing through a few songs and he kepts looking and smiling at us tooo.

Some cunt behind us decided to whistle in my damn ear for the whole night and use my head and an arm rest but a few elbows did the trick.

Afterwards we did start to wonder whether or not the only reason they were staring at us was because we were falling out of our tops but whatever it got their attention.

Ed climbed down in the middle of the set but he was *just* too far away for me to reach.
Coz came down at the end and i managed to crab his arm and yanked him over to our side and i grabbed his hand and got him to pour his water all down me (i was warm :P) and then Myles took the bottle. We all had some but it was warm too :(

The big security guard guy came over to us at the end and told us to get out if we weren't 18 so we left after a while but not before Myles got a green larrikin poster and i got the DF concerts showtimes thing.

Photo time(unfortunately they're mostly blurred because it was dark,i was being pushed about and it was just my phone and some are on the side but deal with it):

^through the door window

^ spot the larrikins. AND THE FRO!

^some strobe for you

^alterkicks (the lead singer is quite nice looking)

Other than some guys singing on the subway and some funny drunk guys on the train there's not a lot more to tell so i'll leave it there.

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