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you were always worth the wait though i guess....

I met all of We Are Scientists yesterday. Like 5 times

"so...what kind of music are you into at the minute then?"
Michael:"I'm getting into quite a lot of metal bands at the minute"
Who knew metal translated to Boyz II Men...

And yes that's us and the Tapper walking down Jamaica street (together!!!!) and yes, it was indeed THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (again)

More photos (inc me and keith/me and michael) coming later because they weren't on my camera etc etc...

I got to school a bit late (which i was raging about) to see a panicked sara - i think she thought i had gone without her or wasn't going to turn up or something. she told me that her Dad had said she couldn't go to the gig! I was so gutted for her but she said she would come to Glasgow anyway which was a relief.

We were late for the 9.15 train so we ducked into the morrisons loos to get changed and got the 9.45 instead.

Walked down to Carling Academy and waited around for a bit. Eventually Kirsty, Robyn and Paul showed up. Didn't really talk to them much because i was knackered and had been feeling really sick and claustrophobic on the train for some reason and therefore wasn't really in the chatting mood.

Me and Sara were just kind of leaning against the wall in a nonchalant kind of way when the Tapper walked round the corner with blue cords and a suit jacket on a hanger in his hand. He looked kind of scared/tired and we said hi and he said hi back. It was a bit unexpected because we didn't think we'd see them for ages so i was kind of immobilised. I looked round the corner to see Chris talking to kirsty etc and we really badly tried to join in. He was saying that they were going to XFM in a bit and to have lunch with their booking agent.

We stuck about in hopes of catching a glimpse of Keith and sure enough, Robyn looks over at us and whispers "omg it's keith" so we subtley walk over and sure enough, Keith is messing about with the tourbus. He came round to get stuff out of the trailer and was doing a damn good job at pretending not to be phased by the 5 psycopaths staring at him.

and yeah, his bum looked SO good in those jeans.

Emm yeah he went back into the bus for a bit and came out - he had changed out of the jeans :( He was about to come over and talk to us and Storme came out and ordered him into a car with blacked out windows because they were already late or something. So he went and sat in this car for like 10 minutes on his own while we were just kind of standing about. Poor guy must have been a bit uncomfortable. After a bit Michael and Chris came back out and got into the car and started to drive off. You could totally see shadows through the windows though and one of them started pointing at me and sara (we were the only ones there at that point) so we were waving like idiots at whoever it was. Chris had said they would be back at about 2 so we decided to wander for a few hours.

So me and sara went off to buchanan street and nosied about borders for a while looking for a sharpie marker, which they did not have. Then we went and sat in the buchanan galleries food court and called people at school. Apparently i interupted Sarah's english NAB - lol. Well she shouldn't have her phone on in class anyway...

Basically, we got back at 1.30 and WAS were not there. So at least we knew he hadn't missed them. At about 2.30 2 girls showed up who we got talking to - Fiona and Iona from Kirkcaldy. They were really nice and they gave us WAS cookies they had made - which tasted interesting but not in a bad way. They were bright red and had gotten all mashed up. It was quite funny. Bit of a shame though cause they had iced names and cats and stuff on them and they were RUINED! :(

The Emo Roadie came out and started taking loads of dirty laundry out of a suitcase so we went up and asked if it was the dirty laundry of anybody interesting but it was just his. Robyn asked if his name was Chris and he goes
'Oh yeah, i'm chris and i play bass in we are scientists'
funny guy
He had a really hairy bumcrack ;]

This bum of a merch guy had come out and was like 'are you guys here for the gig? you guys are hardcore!' which was pretty lol but when we started talking to him about storme and stuff he just acted like a fanny 'who's storme? surely that's a made up name' and unfunny stuff like that.

At about 3.30 a taxi pulled up and out came Michael and Chris
cue some photos ( i look like a dick in all the photos so just ignore it)

Storme ordered Michael inside before we could get a photo with him but we managed to have a chat with them and i was teasing Chris about all the facial expressions he was trying out. Twas pretty good.

Sara had to leave to go and get her train home so she could get back before her dad did so i hung about with Fiona and Iona for ages and we talked. We were walking about the venue just taking some photos and chatting and stuff

After like 30 mins or something Keith came out of nowhere and we ran up and started chatting with him. He's so lovely! Robyn was a bit drunk so he was just laughing at her for ages. I remembered that i was to call sara when i met him so i rang up and said 'hey sara, hold on a minute' and apparently she made a really loud gasp and was getting strange looks on the train because she realised what was happening.
went like this

me:oh, keith, will you talk to my friend please! she really wanted to be here but she couldn't
keith: yeah sure no problem *takes phone and reads screen*
and then he starts going on about 'why aren't you here? oh man, we're having a party and there's cake and horses - you're missing out on aaaall the fun' and then she's like 'oh but my dad was being meeeeaaann' and it was so funny when he was like 'oh no! you're dad doesn't sound like a very nice guy' or something like that. and i really can't remember all that was said but she owes me one! lol.

somebody got out a waitress notepad and asked keith to write something and he started writing a shopping list. that was pretty funny.

I managed to get hold of the pad and was like
'can you write 'i love jemma'?'
'i love jemma? haha no problem. how do you spell that'
'with a j'
'with a j'
'oh ok'
and he started to write gemma and i'm like
'oooh with a J. look how quickly i can turn this g into a j. tada'
'oh you're magic'
so yeah. i now have a piece of paper saying 'i love you gjemma keith murray'

Kirsty etc left a while after that but me, Fiona and Iona stuck about and tried to listen in to the soundcheck. When we heard Michael singing boyz II men i had a wee spazz to myself. it was so good. But then some grumpy bastard of a security guard kept being a dick and telling us to get away from the door. even though we were just on the pavement and not particularly close to it.

We got talking to one of the roadies outside out of boredom and he was telling us about how he builds sets or something and we were just chatting to him for ages outside the side door when Michael walks out and asks for directions to central station. So the roadie starts telling him but i butt in and say 'you just go straight down that road there' but he couldnt quite grasp and at that point i thought i was to go and meet Sarah and Monique at central anyway so i said 'oh we're going there anyway, so we can walk you if you like. Or we can walk across the street or a few feet infront of you if you like if that would be too weird for you...'
'no it's fine. i think that would probably be more weird actually'
so just as we're saying this, sara and monique come round the corner. apparently they came to see if they could meet any WAS members before we went off to dinner. Because michael was wearing a hoody at first they just thought he was some random guy i was going to walk to central but when they realised who he was they totally tried to muscle in and frankly adored me for getting him to walk with us.

Ooooh yeah it was so funny. this girl walked around the corner by the coliseum (she was obviously there for was) and saw us all walking along chatting nonchalantly with Michael and was standing there with her jaw on the ground. She obviously didn't go up to him because SHE THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS WITH MICHAEL TAPPER OH YES. ahaha.

He was pretty shocked when he found out that i had skipped school
'oh my god - you skipped school for this?' lol. and then i was trying to wind him up a wee bit but i think he was a bit nervous about walking about with loads of randoms who had been sitting about waiting for him all day - fair enough though...

i mentioned how he had looked a bit bemused and tired earlier and i said ' i though americans get up early anyway?'
'not this american'
lol!! :p
and we talked about school and stuff (he used to have to be at school at 7 am and get up at 5 am i'll have you know)
and we asked if he had tried fiona and iona's cooking 'oh yeah i think chris ran off with those. were they good'
'yeah. well...kinda. they taste like bread with chocolate in them'
poor guy

i also asked him if he was enjoying the weather(i had promised sara that i would bring it up with one of them...) and he gave me a weird look and realised i was joking and laughed and said
'oh yeah it's really great weather over here. i'm enjoying it very much'
and stuff like that. so we basically talked about all sorts of crap to pass the time.


when we got the station we thought we'd let him go off on his own because he didnt seem to want to tell us where he was going. he kept asking about the barfly and the travel lodge so i'm assume that was where the afterparty was.

We asked him to do some jumping jacks at the end as well and he goes
him:'what? jumping jacks? oh no i couldn't possibly do jumping jacks. there's way too many people'
me:'oh no it's fine i know them all and they cool with it'
me and fiona:'look, we'll do some jumping jacks too so you don't feel left out'
and we started doing jumping jacks and got some pretty funny looks. he still refuse though :( but we appeared to have amused him.

Fiona has some better photos and a video of me saying by to michael as we walked off into the distance.

Some tout offered me £5 for Sara's ticket. He must have thought i was a thick shit. I got £15 for it because he was getting pissed off at me for having a go at him and i couldn't be bothered haggling any more. oh well.least she got her money back.

The gig was fucking amazing, basically. despited being felt up and having some sweaty guys armpit in my face at one point and having my hand ripped off the bar by some moody cunt. Made eye contact with all members and they totally recognised me. And singing along to Phil Collins has really never felt so damn good :]

ALEX AND BOB FROM FRANZ WERE IN UPPER STANDING! they left after the blood arm though, thus dashing all hopes of bumping into them afterwards.

Oh and i got a WWWASD wrist band which got some funny looks at school today.
I've not been in this much pain from a gig in a long time but it was worth it!
I figure that they'll do another gig in the spring before they release a new single (which should be at the start of summer) and then they'll be doing another tour this time next year and i'll be damned if i'm not at both of them. It was sheer luck that i got the presale link for this one so i'll have to do my homework. A 2 WAS gig a year habit would be pretty damn good. Gutted i was out the country in may/was 3 years too young to see them at barfly :(:(:(:( they're amazing live

Most peole will have heard me singing end of the road going across the bridge and into central. Soooo worth the weird looks.

If anybody has mp3s of the phil collins cover or the boys II men cover PLEASE upload them for me? Oh and the new tracks because i've been a bit behind on the forum/comm. postings lately so i don't have any of that stuff.

can you make out alex and bob? lol

the (very camp) blood arm hiding from the crazy stalkers in their van
" that the blood arm in there?" cue everybody singing suspicious character over and over

got the other photos now:

i don't look like such a vag in the one with michael
no way was i putting those under the cut

ps - Michael has tried irn bru but was practically opinionless other than the startling insight that it is, indeed, very brightly coloured. :] He did appreciate us telling him how it lowered the sperm count though...
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