Narcissist (thejemmas) wrote,

oh look! jemma is pretending she's making a post until she can update in computing tomorrow.

1) What Are You Listening To Right Now?
belle and sebastian

Q. 2) How Did You Learn About That Artist/Band?
through franz ferdinand and my mother

Q. 3) Who Is Your Favorite Band/Artist?
the libertines i would say

Q. 4) How Many Band Shirts Do You Have?
quite a few...never wear them though :S

Q. 5) How Many Concerts Have Youve Been To?

Q. 6) Any Upcoming Concerts? List Them
larrikin love
maximo park
we are scientists

and that just takes me up until the start of november...

Q. 7) Whats Your Favorite Song At This Very Moment?
happy as annie - larrikin love

Q. 8) What Is Your Favorite Venue?

Q. 9) Dream Band/Artist To See Live

Q. 10) Farthest Place Youve Traveled To See A Band/Artist?
....Glasgow :P

Q. 11) Concert You're Dying To Go To?
i think i'm going to all the ones i want to go to that are planned :] would like to see mando diao with dirty pretty things in europe though...not that that would ever happen

Q. 12) Do You Have A Concert Buddy(ies)?
monique, sara and sarah. (and apparently now Kat - YAY)

Q. 13) Have You Ever Met A Band/Artist Person?
:]ehehe oooooh yeah
well, saw stuart murdoch walking down great western road...was in the car unfortunately (so it doesn't count but was thrilling nonetheless).
i've met all of carl barat, didz hammond, gary powell, anthony rossomando, peter doherty, drew mcconnell, adam ficek, nick mccarthy.

Q. 14) How Many Autographs Do You Have? List Them
all of the above except nick mccarthy.

Q. 15) Have You Ever Been In A Mosh Pit?
lol. well... franz and kaiser chiefs were quite violent. not quite mosh pits though.

Q. 16) Have You Ever Crowd Surfed?

Q. 17) Have Youve Ever Seen A Band/Artist Out In Public? What Did You Do?
well i stalked DPT and Babyshambles and basically was shaking like a leaf. Nearly got killed when i saw Nick McCarthy (ran across the road infront of loads of cars and stuff), had a civilised conversation with him, and then broke into a spontanious bout of girlish squealing and jumping up and down and hugging and stuff. all in a days work for me and my stalker buddy :]

Q. 18) Have Youve Seen An Band/Artist In Concert More Then Five Times?

Q. 19) Have Youve Ever Given A Present To A Band/Artist?
NO! we'll be prepared in future though.

Q. 20) Are You On Any Band/Artist Message Boards?

Q. 21) Do You Have More Then 100 Photos From Concerts?
...nope. camera phone only holds 80 :(

Q. 22) Whats The Longest Youve Waited Outside For A Concert?
well it wasnt for the concert but we waited for babyshambles for 6 or 7 hours...most for a concert would be 2.

Q. 23) Do You Save Your Concert Tickets As A Memorabilia?
yeah. they're on my walls. the ones i haven't been to yet are safely out of my way so i dont lose them (unlike some people)

Q. 24) Do You Start A Countdown For Your Concerts?
lmao. yes.on occasion.

Q. 25) Do You Buy Merchandise At Concerts?
i sometimes do if i have cash but i always get a bad dose of the buyers remorse.

Q. 26) What Was The Last Concert You Went To?
kaiser chiefs. bloody hell that was ages ago! damned festival season will be the death of me.

Q. 27) Would You Buy Tickets To See A Band/Artist You Like Even If They Were The Opening Act And You Didnt Like The Headliner?
YES. i would pay to see the subways so that i could see the view and i would go to see damned anybody to see the dykeenies (although if it was maximo park that would just be rediculously good....)

Q. 28) Whats The Most You Spent On A Ticket?
£22 for kaisers/franz

Q. 29) Who's The Best Performer You Have Seen Live?
franz are great performers! belle and sebastian were nice and chatty and that was the most chilled a concert i have ever been to (me and jade screaming along to i'm a cuckoo not included)

Q. 30) Did You Enjoy This Survey?
twas alright. i do enjoy a good boast :]
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