Narcissist (thejemmas) wrote,

DPT last niiiiiiiiight XDXDXD feels like i've been waiting forever for that gig man. i remember the sheer desperation of march and how my whole life was at a loss for not seeing them and babyshambles. and now this weekend i'm seeing them both :] class.

emmm missed the 4.15 as per usual :P Myles Christina and James managed to get it though so we met them up in the station. Got a pastie (most of which were rank but mine was ok :P) and started to walk down to carling. i was a bit spazzy becaaauuuse well the last day we walked down jamaica street was WAS meeting day :]

managed to get an ok spot in the queue. just infront of the first tickety bit, and then we waiting for aaaaaages. or it felt like it.

managed to get into the front row. there was a spot in the front + centre so i ran for it but some twat of a girl jumped in front of me when i was literally standing right in front it. how ruuuuude. so i moved over and was on the front right (anthony's side :D).

Larrikin love came on. Cute and smiley as ever :] i did my best to dance about and sing along but it just WASN'T oran mor. So i decided i want to go to the QMU in feb to see them to get that amazing night back - prelims or not. i'll probably have to persuade my mum by telling her that i wont go if i have a prelim the next day :S 50/50 chance of going then.

Mando Diao came on afterrr. Never realised how sexy the singer was. He put o n a hilaaarrriiiious angry face when he sang though. \_/ bit like that. The bassist looked like our painter/decorator much to jade's amusement.They never played the band though, so a bit gutted about that :S still good though. I was literally the only person dancing and singing along on my side though so they kept staring at me. Kinda creepy but cool :P

Between acts we made friends with a couple of security guards who have been at just about every gig i've ever been to (the really short guy and the one that looks like simon pegg) and they gave us gummy bears and chatted for a while.

Dpttttttt omg they looked so good, to be a complete fangirl. Some twats behind me that had been shouting 'fittiiiez'/'i payoor fancy yoooo'/'ab-so-loot leg ends' all through larrikin love started up again. very annoying. managed to pretty much block them out though.
There was a great moment when jade went (about anthony)
'he has nice hair'
and then we turned back to each other and simultaneously said
'he has a NICE ass'

THEY PLAYED THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and I get along. best ever.

i think i must have some serious bruising though. crushed much. ouch.

Jade managed to get a setlist. gutted because it was just within reach and i went for it and she got there first. ALWAYS HAPPENS! i plan to bump it next time i go to her house ;] hopefully peter/george (our new security guard friends) are there on sunday to get me a setlist for babyshambles.

Saw stickyhips___ at the end of the night briefly. She hadn't noticed anthony's sexy cardi :P Got my babyshambles ticket and had to run to get the train.

Saw a girl outside on her own wearing micko for larrikin love's kappa jacket that he wore last night + at oran mor and mentioned it to monique who said
'oh it'll just be a coincidence. there'll be loads of them about' BUT i didnt believe her. I turned round and who did i see walk out and grab said girl? MICKO. i'm so good. had a wee spazz. why is it that i always see members of larrikin love within reach but am too scared to ask for a photo but with DPT, babyshambles, nick mccarthy and WAS i'm fine? weird man.

anyway. good night. despite bruising XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

oh and today i found out that the maccabees are supporting jamie t in january so all of my gutted-ness about them playing 18+ venues/touring in the prelims was unneccesary XDXDXDXD yassssss in there.
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